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Corporate Social Responsibility

TELEHOUSE as KDDI group member recognizes its social responsibility as a telecommunications company that provides part of the social infrastructure. Accordingly, we contribute to the realization of a bountiful communications-oriented society through the provision of stable communications services and by addressing the issues that society faces.

From its very start, KDDI has shared among all employees and put into practice the KDDI Philosophy, which describes the type of company it aims to become and the perspectives, values, and code of conduct that its employees need to maintain. KDDI pursues initiatives to fulfill its social mission as a telecommunications company that provides social infrastructure by delivering stable services in a host of situations, and addresses issues of high societal importance by communicating in various ways with all its stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners, and local communities. By putting the code of conduct that is clearly outlined in the KDDI Philosophy firmly into practice, we will contribute to the development of a safe, secure, and sustainable society. This is KDDI's perspective on corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Defining Material Issues
Of the wide range of issues that KDDI faces in the course of its business activities, in FY2008, we identified a number of topics of significant social concern as "four material issues for CSR" that we particularly need to focus our efforts on to grow sustainably and with society at large. We also established the KDDI CSR & Environment Committee to formulate initiatives for resolving these problems and report on these activities.

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