Design and Consulting service

No matter the size, scale, complexity or location of your project we will seamlessly integrate into your business environment and provide a natural extension to your in-house teams with flexible, economic, articulate and experienced professionals. Whether you are building your own facility, require strategic advice, need multi-disciplinary services or require development monitoring, peer review or project status checks we are here to help.

Building Your Own Facility?

Our natural environment is to adopt the Lead Consultant and Cost Management roles, procure design teams on your behalf and carry out full and thorough project definition, site finding and feasibility studies to seek out optimum solutions that address all of your needs. Our considerable portfolio of projects coupled with our in depth knowledge of traditionally constructed, multi-storey, and modular facilities allow us to provide you with pragmatic options that enhance your business case from cost, value, time, efficiency and risk perspectives. Excellence in design is of little merit without co-ordination, integration, time management and financial management and our team are adept at controlling work stages to build-in value and drive-out risk. We focus on the complete lifecycle of the building and systems to help you make informed decisions that include impacts on staffing levels and operating costs. Capacity flexibility, net to gross ratios, load steps, security layers, energy efficiency, sustainability, resilience, redundancy and maintenance are at the forefront of our management activity. This enables us to constantly challenge design norms to lock-in the required benefits. We have rigorous contractor/supplier selection processes to ensure that the right partners are selected with a focus on teamwork, experience, quality, cost, testing and commissioning. Scoping construction and supplier packages and performing gap analysis to achieve cost, programme and quality certainty provide surety of outcomes and mitigates risk. With experience of both standard and bespoke forms of contract we are able to achieve excellence in the administration of site works. We advance testing and commissioning programmes at key stages ensuring that delivery is controlled, on time, and thoroughly checked. Our communication and reporting is transparent and will inspire confidence in our ability to deliver facilities that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Strategic Consultancy

Making the right decisions relies on the ability to ask the right questions, capture the right data, define the options, evaluate the alternatives, prioritise the constraints, articulate the risks, and formulate a business model that informs the right solution. Our team have substantial experience and proven methods in determining short, medium and long term master plans for optimising existing Real Estate, relocating facilities, expanding into new markets or incorporating new technologies. Our intellectual knowledge covers a diverse range of subjects backed by over 20 years of Mission Critical operational excellence .

Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy

Designing a team for Mission Critical delivery can be difficult proposition. Let us take the responsibility and provide a complete, open book, design team solution under a single contract. We can provide you with absolute piece of mind that the team we design will be the best in their respective fields for delivering resilient, secure, value driven, energy and operationally efficient projects. Our service delivery and project control processes are exemplary which enable us to commit to the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) under the Contract. These KPI capture your project benefits and ensure that our multi-disciplinary team are focussed on turning your aspirations into reality. No matter the size, scale, complexity or location of your project we will seamlessly integrate into your business environment and provide a natural extension to your in-house teams with flexible, economic, articulate and experienced professionals. We can accommodate your preferred suppliers and specialists and ensure that their knowledge and expertise is fully embraced to minimise duplication, maximise co-ordination and build-in efficiency.

Development Monitoring

Are you an investor, funder, insurer or key Stakeholder requiring eyes and ears during design, site selection, or on the ground during construction for your project? Our development monitoring service has been tailored to provide you with clear, concise and insightful project information to protect your interests and provide a balanced view of the risks and issues on a 'one-off' or rolling inspection and report arrangement. Our service can range from programme, progress, cost and risk monitoring through to full design, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning and handover monitoring. Our simple checklist enables you to confirm the scope of your requirements and to target the areas of highest sensitivity. When facilitated by development agreements we are able to provide full Stakeholder representation duties to challenge the design, construction techniques, quality and conformity with development specifications. We can also assist with the drafting of rights of representation and monitoring for incorporation into agreements by your legal team.