Data Centers


TELEHOUSE HONG KONG CCC is one of the largest and most technologically advanced carrier neutral data center facilities in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. With virtually no risk of natural disasters in the vicinity, TELEHOUSE HONG KONG CCC is ideal for securing mission-critical business systems. With advance secutity, redundancy and reliable technology in mind, TELEHOUSE HONG KONG CCC operates to TELEHOUSE Global Standards, offering multilingual customer service in a fully managed environment.



  • Colocation
    • Shared Colocation
    • Caged Colocation
    • Dedicated Suite
    • Tailored colocation solutions and custom services
  • Location
    • Situated in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, the center surrounding area is home to an array of local and international companies.
    • No presence of high-risk facilities in the vicinity, suitable for mission critical business operations.
  • Security
    • Building perimeter built with concrete security fencing.
    • Security gate for primary processing of customers, visitors and staff.
    • Interior and exterior surveillance by roving security and digital CCTV camera coverage.
  • Operation and Maintenance
    • 24 x 7 Operation and Maintenance Services
    • First Level Smart Hands of Technical Support
    • High Level of Engineering Support Services
    • English, Cantonese, Chinese
  • BCP/DR
    • BCP/DR Space: BCP Space and DR Space are available
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Building Total Gross Area 36,000m²
Type 3-storey dedicated Data Center building with flat rooftop
Construction Reinforced concrete with concrete roof structure
Floor to beam 5,300mm (G/F), 3,900mm (1/F & 2/F)
Floor Loading Up to 1500kg/m² (G/F), 750kg/m² (1/F & 2/F)
Raised Floor Height ± 600mm (G/F) and ± 450mm (1/F & 2/F) with fire protection, smoke and water leak detection system, vinyl antistatic floor tiles.
Cable Tray System Under floor and overhead system
Freight Elevator Passenger lift
Cargo lifts with internal dimension:
(1) 1,800mm (W) x 2,280mm (D) x 2,300mm (H) with 2,000kg loading
(2) 2,210mm (W) x 2,850 (D) x 2,300mm (H) with 3,000kg loading
Cabinet, Cage and
Private Suite
Cabinet 47RU x 600mm x 1,070mm (G/F) and
42RU x 600mm x 1,070mm (1/F)
Power cabling, top entry for fibre and data cabling
Cage Secured Cage from 6 up to 300 cabinets
Private Suite Private space constructed according to client specifications
Temp & Humidity Temp : 22 ±4℃,
Humidity : 60% ±10%
Water Leak Sensor DC perimeter Water Leak Sensor
Power Building Power 40 MVA (2 commercial power sources)
Power Connection Diverse Feed 32Amps AC power supply with IEC60309 sockets (other power connection requirements are available as option
AC Power 220V, Single-Phase, 50Hz, 380V Three-Phase supply available upon request
DC Power Available upon request
UPS N+1, 2N, 2(N+1) with 15 mins battery back up at full load condition *according to the customer request
Generator 2N diesel generators plus contact with fuel company for refill within 4 hours
Air Conditioning Cooling Tower N+1 Water Cooling System with dual distribution paths.
CRAC N+25% under floor distribution top return with hot and cold aisles design, multiple water - cooled condensers to support full accommodation of the area with extra capacity.
Fire & Water
Leakage Detection
Smoke Alarm VESDA / Cross zone smoke detection above and under raised floor
Fire System NOVEC / FM200 / Pre-action
Security Physical Building perimeter with 3.3m (10.8ft) high concrete security fence, 24 x 7 Security Guard
Surveillance 24 x 7 CCTV on doors, cabinet rows and all aspects of the site.
Access Control Card Key PIN Access or Biometrics
Technical Support Control Center 24 x 7 Control Center & Technical Support, provides first level and higher level of Engineering Support Services
Connectivity Diverse
Meet- Me -Room
and TBE
Located at 1/F of the building, cross - connect to a variety of local fixed telephone network service providers, carriers and operators
FTNS Pacific Century Cyber Works (PCCW)
Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC)
Wharf T&T (WTT)
Hong Kong Broadband (HKBN)
New World Telecom (NWT)
Traxcomm Limited
Other Facilities Parking Parking space for cars, lorries and trucks available for customers
Loading Bay Loading bay for lorry and containers
Staging Area Ample space to comfortably configure equipment before setting it up on the cabinet
Storage Temporary and dedicated storage facilities are available