Contents Delivery

This service is the best solution for increasing web performance and load reduction!
Our Global Content Accelerator is a content delivery service that uses the service of CDNetworks our group company. Using edge servers located in more than 80 cities and 30 countries worldwide, the service provides efficient and stable content delivery.

Content acceralator images


  • Content Acceleration

    This service improves website performance. High level cache function acccelerates static content or cachable content by deliverying cache from the closest edge server of users.
    Also, multiple edge servers realizes stable delivery in the event of temporary increased access or troubles of certain edge servers or delivery area.

  • Dynamic Web Acceleration

    Dynamic Web Acceleration (DWA) is a service that dramatically improves the performance of websites and web applications distributed across the globe.
    Performance of two-way communication including dynamic content (uncachable content) and upload is improved by optimizing communication protocol of internet section with long distance and small transmission capacity on top of high level cache function.

  • Cloud DNS

    Cloud DNS is highly reliabe service and provides DNS service with reliability and expandability by DNS servers in 23 countries around the world.

  • China Acceleration (Optional Service)

    China Acceleration is service which supports speedy delivery to China where web performance is low.
    CDNetworks Corporation is the only CDN vendor who has its own delivery platform in China and can realize high performance in China.