TELEHOUSE as a carrier-neutral data center provider offers not only space and facilities but also customers with easy connectivity to a variety of carriers, ISP, Internet Exchanges Content Distribution Networks and network service providers. It is totally independent from any network vendors and it allows customers to choose the best providers.
Please check our carrier list for more deatiled information.

Global Network Services

TELEHOUSE Connects Customer's Global Network. Our top-ranking line capacity among Asian carriers and global collaboration system allows it to provide a seamless network environment of high quality and large capacity optical fiber network. Our global network service covers mainly Asia, U.S. and Europe, and totaling about 50 countries in the world. This global network service is reliable enough to withstand major faults through different cable routes or its "self-healing" function (Network Automatic Recovery Function). TELEHOUSE handles and supports diversified telecommunication needs from its customers according to their businesses.

  • Ease-of-Mind - Network operation and maintenance system

    Our staff members have a proven track record in providing full support in Japan and overseas. Our "Global Account Management" system offers a one-stop contact point for our customers, including contact with customers' overseas offices.

  • Simple - One-stop shopping

    TELEHOUSE provides a one-stop Shopping for all our customers' transactions, from consultation, proposal and application of services to payment.
    Customers can also select various contract types or payment methods according to their requirements.

  • Cost Reduction - Reasonable pricing structure

    The "Global IP-VPN Service" offers mesh network at a reasonable price. The "Global Leased Line Service" uses a simple pricing system. Our global telecommunication service reduces your telecommunication costs with a reasonable pricing structure.

  • Support - Global system supported by multiple languages

    In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have 1,200 employees in charge of the global support system in more than 40 centers in 37 cities and 22 countries. Our employees are conversant in multiple languages such as English and Mandarin. We also train local employees who are well versed in the local languages, culture and custom to meet globalized corporate needs.

  • Quality - Network quality of global standard

    Our staff members are well versed in different telecommunication matters of each country and region. As part of our customers' team member, we provide a safe, fast and reliable network service of global standard quality. TELEHOUSE will firmly support your business with our dedicated and improved system from application to usage.

Internet of Singapore Services

Provide Internet Access with high grade back bone and stable internet connection.

It is an entrance to connect the internal network and external internet. KDDI Singapore provides high quality internet access service for corporate, with international connected large capacity back bone of KDDI Group.


  • Large Capacity Back bone

    Offer a high-level throughput access to the Internet with the help of the biggest class back bone in the world.

  • Stable Operation

    Provide the best Internet Service for the customer with all KDDI Group that associated ISP services (JPIX, au one net) . And support the customer's business with reliable back up team.

  • Quality Network Management System

    The Operators monitor the traffic 24hours/365days.
    The Staff reports the situation quickly in Japanese and provides recovery operations if there is an accident. Offers an unlimited, 24X7 Technical Support to all Internet customers.