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Why locate your Data Center in Russia?

Russia continues to draw investors from all over the world, who rank it the sixth-most attractive country in the world for foreign direct investment. The demand for data center services in Russia has been rapidly growing over the last few years, driven by the development of corporate IT systems and demand for backup services for the growing volume of business critical data.
Moscow is becoming a hotspot for technology investment as almost 65% of the net area of Russia's data center space is located here.

  • With 73.8 million users, Russia is Europe's largest internet market
  • The value of the telecommunication services market in Russia increased by 8.4% year on year to more than €31bn in 2012
  • The sales of software licenses, related support services and SaaS solutions in Russia increased by 14% year on year to €3.3bn in 2012. The growth of the market was driven by further investments by Russian companies and the government in IT systems and infrastructure.
  • Investors believe future growth in Russian Economy will be driven by the energy, ICT, and automotive sectors

Telehouse Russia Data Centers

TELEHOUSE is the first global data center provider to enter the Russian market by providing highly reliable data center space in the key economic center of Moscow. The Tier III design and facility certified Russia data center is based in a 6,200m² site which is guarded 24/7 and has employed the latest technology in security systems.

Lack of local partners makes it difficult to operate for foreign businesses and is often an obstacle for business leaders aiming to enter the Russian market. TELEHOUSE' partnership with a local reputable data center provider can support companies to overcome political, legislative and administrative issues to establish their business into this rapidly expanding market.

Telehouse' Russia data center customers will also benefit from Telehouse' parent company's support, as KDDI also operates branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg. KDDI Moscow manages the on-site connectivity, managed services and technical support for the Telehouse Moscow data center.

Why choose the TELEHOUSE Moscow Data Center?


TELEHOUSE Moscow is the only premium data center in Russia launched and managed by an international data center provider. Established in 2012, the Tier III design and facility certified Moscow data center is based in a 6,200m² site which is guarded 24/7 and has the latest technology in security systems. Telehouse Moscow data center is located in the city center, only 15 minutes from the Kremlin on a vast and highly secure site.

Why choose the TELEHOUSE Moscow Data Center?

The first premium data center in Russia that is managed by a global provider

TELEHOUSE Moscow data center is operated to the global TELEHOUSE standard of manage-ment and customer service. There is multilingual staff working with your local account man-ager enabling customers to grow their infrastructure internationally knowing TELEHOUSE are on the ground supporting their systems. KDDI's Moscow branch provides technical support and managed services for the entire facility.

The only Tier III data center certified for its design and facility in Russia

TELEHOUSE Moscow data center was awarded the Tier III Design certificate which ensures that the site infrastructure solutions, as represented in the design documents, are consistent with the Tier III objective. It was also awarded the Tier III Facility certificate ensuring that the facility has been constructed as designed and has demonstrated capability to meet the target Tier III objective.

State-of-the-art Security

TELEHOUSE Moscow data center makes colocating in Russia a safer choice with biometric security systems including biometric eye readers, hand scanners, man traps and photo badge card access. In addition the entire Moscow data center site is monitored 27/4 with 120 cameras located on site as well as 6 security on site at all times.

Connection to key carriers

The carrier neutral Moscow data center is enables customers access to key network opera-tors including Orange, Mastertel, Beeline, Megafon and KDDI. In addition, TELEHOUSE Moscow offers access to communications service provider CIREX which can connect clients to any M point in Moscow, including M9 and M10 providing access to over 300 telecom pro-viders. nts to any M point in Moscow, including M9 and M10 providing access to over 300 telecom providers.