Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

A keystone of the new TELEHOUSE offering is the delivery of proven Business Continuity Management services that will optimize and can automate the entire lifecycle of Business Continuity Management from initial Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to change management through real-time support of incident management and Disaster Recovery.

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Unavoidable downtime is a situation that no company wants to experience, but unfortunately it does occur and there is a high chance that every business will be impacted from this at one stage or another.
There are more threats to data than ever before, with potential challenges arising from power outages, major IT disruptions, fire hazards, human error and – most recently –terrorism. Realistically, though, the highest threat comes from less publicised issues such as general power failure and human error and it is these that concern the IT manager most.
Purpose-built data centers are designed to overcome these potential problems, automated and manned systems are in place to carefully monitor processes 24 hours a day. Downtime is dramatically reduced due to back-up systems and the threat of data loss is virtually nil when IT equipment and data back-up is housed externally in an offsite high security environment, a service which TELEHOUSE has been providing for over 20 years.

Temporary office site service

We provide temporaly office for emergency cases to ensure business continuity for customers who are hit by serious natural disaster or accidents. Its Cover office tools such as desk, chair, PC and telephone. If the customer needs full preparation for office scene, it is better to put the customer servers into Telehouse.

In additional, Cloud Computing Service offers sustainable business environment for a lot of employee.

BCM consulting service

  1. Business Continuity Management consulting

    In case, base BCP planning and consulting service based on your description of business.

  2. Strategy planning

    Protection of Customer's asset protection, facility, protection, mental care of employee,consulting on the assumption that actual damage by natural disaster.

  3. Risk analysis

    To analyze the impact to your business with physical demension and demension of impact exposure to your business.

  4. Recovery planning

    Based on analysis of assumed damage, TELEHOUSE provides recovery plan from perspective of customer.

  5. Escrow service

    Financial and accounting business support.

  6. Regular trainning

    With using facility regulary, we support to conduct on-the- job trainning and practise on the assumption that actual incident or natural disaster happened.

  7. Operation and management

    Regular facility maintenance, tape change and site operation.