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Opening “TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, ” the first “TELEHOUSE” brand data center in Turkey

March 7, 2011

TELEHOUSE EUROPE (President; Tokuji Mitsui), an European entity of TELEHOUSE Corporation opened “TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL” in Istanbul, Turkey, on March 28th, 2011 to provide data center services that match the "TELEHOUSE" global standard.

The opening of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL will bring the total number of TELEHOUSE sites to 20 sites in 13 cities straddling 10 regions worldwide (approximately 119,000 square meters).

“TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL” is the first high quality data center to operate in Turkey under the "TELEHOUSE" brand, to be opened by TELEHOUSE EUROPE, based on a strategic partnership contract with TEKNOTEL, a company that provides satellite and internet communication services and system integration services in Turkey.

The data center is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, that is considered as the commercial centre of the region. In addition to the redundancy to meet carrier diversity, it has two routes of power supply from uninterruptible power supply (UPS), supplied via different power substations, and backup generator in incidences such as blackouts. Extensive security measures have been implemented, which include 24 hours/365 days monitoring system and access management using biometrics authentication, to provide an environment where customers can safely assign their ICT resources.

Turkey is one of the VISTA [1] countries that have high expectancies for economic growth and serves an important role as a manufacturing base for Europe. The country is also tied to Middle Eastern countries from both a cultural and commercial aspect. Increasing number of companies have advanced into Turkey as they perceive the country to be an important area connecting Europe and Asia. “TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL” is expected to serve not only Japanese and foreign companies, but also telecommunication operators from Europe the Middle East and Asia that operate within Turkey.

Please see the attached information for more details about TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL.

[1] VISTA is a group of emerging countries (Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and Argentine) expected to show rapid growth after BRICs nations.

1. Features

“TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL” is the first high quality data center in Turkey under the "TELEHOUSE" brand opened by TELEHOUSE EUROPE based on a strategic partnership contract with TEKNOTEL,.
It has the redundancy to meet carrier diversity and provides high quality facility and management that match the "TELEHOUSE" global standard through preparing for incidences such as blackouts by securing two routes of power supply from the different power substations and uninterruptible power supply (UPS), as well as 24 hours/365 days monitoring system and access management using biometrics authentication.


TEKNOTEL is a well-known telecommunications/system integrator company in Turkey, which was established in 1984 and played an important role in developing Turkey's infrastructure and access services.
It provides the most suitable solutions for different scale of infrastructure and access requirements by using the satellite and the Internet, network and broadband as a System Integrator. Based on Teknotel's experience in colocation and hosting services along with its market knowledge and willingness to provide high quality, TEKNOTEL-TELEHOUSE relationship has a very well potential to serve corporations with high expectations.

3. Services

(1) Basic service

  • Rack collocation service
    Customer equipment is installed on 19-inch racks provided by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, with individual locking and power-supply circuits.

(2) Optional services

  • Customer equipment monitoring and maintenance services
    TELEHOUSE provides support services for confirming the status of the customer's equipment and changing and storing backup tapes on instructions from the customer.
  • ICT services
    A variety of one-stop services to meet the customer's needs can be provided.

4. Data center specifications

General information Location Kozyatağıarea, Istanbul (Turkey)
Space [2] 325 ㎡ *Planned to be expanded
Electrical facilities Power structure Power received from 2 systems and N + N private power generation equipment
UPS N + 1 redundant structure
Air control Air control equipment N + 1 redundant structure
Operation &security Operation system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Languages English and Turkish
Security Video surveillance system, ID card verification, biometrics authentication, and security guard checks
[2] Space for installing servers.

5. Expected launch date

March 28th, 2011

6. Data center image


7. TELEHOUSE global map

TELEHOUSE location list (as of March, 2011)

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