Data Centers


TELEHOUSE Cape Town is located in Rondebosch within the southern suburbs of city that has become the economic hub of the Western Cape Province. The data center meets the TELEHOUSE global standards providing 99.999% uptime guarantee with client equipment and data center environmental parameters being monitored 24x7 by specialists versed in all aspects of IT and colocation facility management. TELEHOUSE Cape Town is a carrier neutral data center providing access to over 40 local and international carriers, content providers, ISP's and managed services providers. Customers benefit from access to NAP Africa, a neutral layer two internet exchange peering point (IXP) forming an open marketplace where network providers, enterprise clients and content delivery networks can do business with one another without restriction.

Why choose the TELEHOUSE Cape Town Data Center?

TELEHOUSE Cape Town – Providing 99.999% uptime in the economic hub of the Western Cape Province
  • Unrestricted choice of network and service providers

    TELEHOUSE Cape Town is connected to NAP Africa a neutral, layer 2 Internet eXchange (IX) point providing the greatest carrier diversity in Africa which has recently been linked to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) enabling better connectivity to Europe and offering opportunities for European carriers to connect across Africa. In addition, TELEHOUSE Cape Town customers benefit from connectivity to major international carriers including SAT3/SAFE, Seacom, WACS and EASSy, mobile carriers including Vodacom, Level 3 and BT as well as local carriers such as Telkom, Neotel and Broadband Infraco and fibre infrastructure provider Dark Fibre Africa.

  • Offering 99.999% uptime availability

    TELEHOUSE Cape Town provides security, fire protection and cooling according to a N+1 redundancy policy, with power provided on a 2N basis at 99.999% availability.